To serve as a gathering place where Pueblo culture is celebrated through creative and cultural experiences while providing economic opportunities to Pueblo and local communities.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for what you have given the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC) in time, talent, and treasure. We are grateful for the ties you give us, to our visitors, and community. As I reflect on my first year serving as the IPCC Museum Executive Director, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with an amazing staff, volunteers, donors, and friends that promote and support traditional and contemporary Pueblo arts, culture, and lifestyles. Originally from Texas, I recall when I was eight years old participating (uninvited) in a Native Dance at the newly opened Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in 1976. All these years later, it is with great pride to have come full circle with this wonderful organization, proudly serving the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico. Here at the IPCC, we make it our mission to educate visitors from across the globe about the history, culture, art, and traditions of our Pueblo people through our museum and wide-ranging programming. The IPCC offers a transformative experience rooted in an authentic and culturally appropriate Pueblo perspective, fostering a greater understanding of our perseverance and place in today’s world. Our efforts are supported by generous gifts (or blessings, as we see it) from diverse donors year by year. This year, the IPCC Menu of Giving provides an overview of how your contributions can help the Center continue to present our Pueblo story for all to appreciate and enjoy. Your support provides us with key funding to continue our growth and outreach and make a significant impact on our ability to elevate Pueblo perspectives. Thank you for your interest in providing to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

2024 Sponsorship Levels 

Frequently represented animals in carvings and fetishes are the protectors. Mountain lions with their keen eyesight, stealth and agility, serve as the guardians of the north. The bear with its strength guards the west. The determined badger is the guardian of the south. The wolf with its strong sense of family is the guardian of the east. Soaring above us is the eagle, known as the guardian of the skies. 

These protectors are represented as the giving levels for each opportunity in this Menu of Giving. 


Native Dance Program

Did you know that the IPCC is the only venue in North America to host Native Dances year-round, showcasing dance groups from the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico, as well as Plains Style, Navajo, Apache, Chichimeca Mexica Azteca, and Hopi dancers? Your support of this program underscores the cultural relevance of Native dance and its vital importance to imparting the story of the Pueblos and other tribes through movement, regalia, drumming, and song. In 2023, this program put $70,000 back into Pueblo communities.


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Artists Circle Gallery

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center created the Artists Circle Gallery as part of our 40th Anniversary celebration in 2016. This gallery features contemporary Pueblo artists who draw on the past to influence our culture’s evolution and guide us into the future. This space features rotating shows where artist’s display and sell their works. Here, visitors can experience the living arts of the Pueblos from a contemporary perspective and art collectors can directly support Pueblo artisans and the continuation of their art through exhibitions like these. IPCC seeks your support to host the upcoming exhibit, REFLECTIVE PRESENCE: THE ART OF JESSE LITTLEBIRD & JONATHAN LORETTO.


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“We Are of This Place: The Pueblo Story” 

The IPCC offers a world-class museum and cultural center, providing a critical forum where the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico can impart their story of resilience and creativity in their own words and voices. We invite you to take part in our 2024 plan to increase visitor engagement for all ages by making exhibit themes more immersive, interactive, and engaging. Our exhibit upgrades will facilitate new, multi-sensory modes of community connection and cultural exchange that will deepen understanding of past and present generations of Pueblo culture through enhanced presentations of resiliency portrayed through Pueblo voices.


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South Gallery Exhibition

The IPCC South Gallery exhibit space serves as a space for the museum’s temporary exhibits. Because of your generous support, the South Gallery space has featured many wonderful exhibits to include the PIVOT exhibit in 2022 which featured native artistry on skateboard decks. In 2023, this space hosted the Native American Student Art Show. IPCC seeks support in 2024 to host an exhibit on Pueblo Baseball. This exhibition celebrates the central role that Pueblo baseball has played and continues to play in many community members’ lives at the 19 Pueblos. Presented through a cultural lens, it tells stories of the Northern Pueblos League and Southern Pueblos League from the past, present, and future through photographs, videos, and memorabilia that commemorate Pueblo baseball’s century-long legacy and community fabric of mentorship and camaraderie.


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Art Through Struggle Gallery

As part of the permanent exhibition, We Are of This Place: The Pueblo Story, the IPCC developed the “Art Through Struggle” gallery. This gallery features contemporary Pueblo artists’ work that focuses on themes of historical trauma to promote cultural healing. Support for this gallery allows the IPCC to use these projects to guide visitors through an understanding of the 19 Pueblos’ ongoing history of resilience—the foundation of the “The Pueblo Story.”


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IPCC Collections

Did you know that the Center’s multi-faceted Collection is comprised of more than 4,500 pieces of pottery, jewelry, textiles, baskets, photographs, prints, paintings, and archaeological artifacts? Our collection is also the home to more than 20 murals by great Pueblo artists. These vibrant works of art vividly convey the role of the seasons, dance, harvest, agriculture, and animals in Pueblo life. Our collection represents the Pueblo people’s dynamic, ever-evolving history, and we work to preserve this heritage and share it with future generations. Our collection of invaluable objects is an essential part of our past, present, and future. Your support provides our Collection Team the resources to appropriately and responsibly care for our Pueblo art collection and pertinent objects and their records for use in perpetuity.


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Library and Archives

The IPCC Library is the only special collections research library dedicated to the history and culture of New Mexico’s 19 Pueblos and Native Americans of the region. Your support allows our library to provide information, resources, Pueblo Book Club, and research service to patrons intending to build Pueblo identity while securing a place for Pueblo people in the national historical narrative. The IPCC Library & Archives is a non-circulating, targeted collection for those who wish to know more about Pueblo people’s lives, histories, traditions, and culture.


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The IPCC has an expert Education Team offering museum tours, outreach, Stories by the Fireside events, and curriculum so K-12, college students, educators, and adults can directly interact with the museum and its exhibits for a clearer understanding the Pueblos. Supporting our education efforts ensures the authentic Pueblo perspective is accurate. It informs and touches the lives of Natives and non-Natives who seek to experience the culture


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Bob Chavez Scholarship for the Arts

Accepting contributions for scholarship funding Part of the IPCC’s mission is to preserve and perpetuate Pueblo culture, and a key element of that is investing in our youth. This scholarship is named in honor of Manuel “Bob” Chavez of Cochiti Pueblo, who dedicated 50 years as a volunteer teaching art at St. Catherine’s Indian School. Many students were able to explore Native arts and feel at home in Mr. Chavez’ classroom, and the IPCC is able to continue his legacy of encouragement by offering $2,500 scholarships each year to recent Pueblo high school seniors or college undergraduates who are pursuing visual arts in higher education. Initial scholarships are for $2,500 per student per year to help offset the initial costs of higher education, such as books, housing, tuition, and supplies. Pictured Left: 2023-2024 Bob Chavez Scholarship for the Arts Recipient Aidan Grey (Santa Clara Pueblo) See more information about this scholarship.


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Our signature fundraising events focus on raising funds through event-specific activities that meet the interests of our participatory donor community.

Annual Fundraising Gala – Saturday, September 21, 2024

You are invited for a special night in which our community comes together to support a worthy cause. The IPCC’s 2024 Gala will offer guests an unforgettable, multi-course contemporary Indigenous dinner showcasing the creative culinary artistry of our acclaimed Indian Pueblo Kitchen staff. This one-of-a-kind event takes place under the stars in the IPCC’s beautiful, mural-lined courtyard and features silent and live auctions, Native American flute music and cultural dance performances. We thank you for supporting our mission at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and are pleased to offer you a range of sponsorship opportunities for our 2024 Gala: 

  • Half-page ad in the Gala program 
  • Two priority-seating tables of eight at the Gala 
  • Live mentions by our emcee throughout the Gala 
  • Company logo on Gala collateral materials at the event 
  • Sixteen complimentary museum admissions 
  • Logo inclusion in email blasts sent to the IPCC’s distribution list (reach: over 30K) 
  • Recognition on the IPCC’s Facebook and Instagram pages (over 225K followers) and the IPCC website 
  • A private, guided tour of the museum, with an exclusive look into the collection, for up to ten people 
  • Quarter-page ad in the Gala program
  • One priority-seating table of eight at the Gala
  • Live mentions by our emcee throughout the Gala
  • Company logo on Gala collateral materials at the event
  • Ten complimentary museum admissions
  • Logo inclusion in email blasts sent to the IPCC’s
    distribution list (reach: over 30K)
  • Recognition on the IPCC’s Facebook and Instagram
    pages (over 225K followers) and the IPCC website 
  •  One table of eight at the Gala
  • Company logo on Gala collateral materials at the event
  • Eight complimentary museum admissions
  • Logo inclusion in email blasts sent to the IPCC’s distribution list (reach: over 30K)
  • Recognition on the IPCC’s Facebook and Instagram pages (over 225K followers) and the IPCC website
  • Four complimentary tickets to the Gala
  • Four complimentary museum passes
  • Logo inclusion in email blasts sent to the
    IPCC’s distribution list (reach: over 30K)
  • Recognition on the IPCC’s Facebook and
    Instagram pages (over 225K followers)
    and the IPCC website

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45th Annual American Indian Week and Spring Arts Market Saturday, April 20, 2024 – Sunday, April 28, 2024

American Indian Week and the Spring Arts Market are two of the most anticipated events here at the IPCC. There is something for everyone – during American Indian Week, you can see cultural dances several times daily, take a self-guided tour of our permanent and temporary exhibits, dine at the Indian Pueblo Kitchen and shop with us at the Indian Pueblo Store. Plus you can meet and buy directly from dozens of Native artists selling pottery, jewelry, paintings, and other beautiful works of art!


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Indigenous People’s Day Monday, October 14, 2024

New Mexico’s Native American Tribes gather with civic officials and the IPCC to commemorate this statewide holiday with cultural dances, Native artisans and guest speakers. Join us as we celebrate the rich history, resilience and contributions of Native people.


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44th Annual 2024 Native American Student Art Show Dates TBD

Our Native American Student Art Show was founded in 1979 because we recognized that the preservation and evolution of Native culture lies with today’s children. Our youth are the bearers of our culture and have unique and honest perspectives to share. Through art, they can share those perspectives, explore their own creativity, and delve into their understandings of this year’s theme. Winning artists each receive a prize, and all participants can make their works available for sale and receive 100% of the proceeds.


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10th Annual Pueblo Gingerbread House Contest December 2024

The Pueblo Gingerbread House Contest is a favorite holiday tradition at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Children and adults are encouraged to enter a Gingerbread house inspired by a Pueblo village, house, community church or historic building, with prizes being awarded in children’s and adult categories. This festive event is a unique way to share and enjoy Pueblo culture with your family.


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Veteran’s Day Commemoration Monday, November 11, 2024

During this federally recognized holiday, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center brings together a celebration of all warriors who have served and currently serve in the armed forces. The Pueblo people have a long history of wartime efforts driven by a need to maintain our ways of life. The first of these efforts was the Pueblo Revolt which ensured our right to existence. Continuing in traditions driven by service, duty, and commitment to our homelands, Pueblo Warriors continue to make sacrifices for their communities. We offer gratitude to all who served or are serving in this annual event.


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Pueblo Shop & Stroll Another Favorite IPCC Holiday Tradition

Enjoy the spirit of the season while warming yourself by the bonfire and strolling through beautiful luminarias in the IPCC Courtyard. Our outdoor market will feature Native artists selling hand-crafted ornaments, Nativity sets, jewelry and other beautiful works of art. Plus, you and your family can indulge in the Indian Pueblo Kitchen’s hot cocoa bar and popular concessions. Cultural dance performances and children’s arts and crafts will also be a part of the festivities.


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Matching Gifts

During the IPCC’s Giving Campaigns, donation-matching periods spark new interest and motivate potential donors to give, as they know that their gifts drive additional funding to the IPCC. A double or triple matching gift helps the IPCC to meet our fundraising campaign goals while giving positive exposure to the sponsor of the matching gift. 

Matching Gifts ~ Employers

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs in which they match the charitable contributions made by their employees. This can double or even triple the monetary value of an individual gift. The IPCC welcomes matching gifts as a generous and effective way to sustain our mission and core programs. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please check with your Human Resources department. 

Memorial / Honorarium Gifts

Your memorial creates a legacy for your loved one by supporting a cause that is meaningful. The gift you make in their memory acknowledges their support for the IPCC and helps us pursue our important mission. Meanwhile, a donation made in honor of a birthday, graduation, wedding or retirement shows the recipient you care about his or her interest in the IPCC. 

For more information, please contact [email protected]

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You can support our mission by designating the IPCC on your United Way of Central New Mexico donation form. Whether you choose to make one gift or a monthly contribution, your support benefits our work at the IPCC.

Planned Giving

From inclusion in estate plans to charitable gift annuities to charitable remainder trusts, planned gifts are essential to the future vitality and wellbeing of the IPCC. Most planned gifts, from our donor’s discretion, are invested in our Endowment. The Endowment Fund provides financial support for operational and other expenses, including educational programs and cultural programs. Through planned giving, you are supporting the long-term sustainability for the IPCC.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

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The Indian Pueblo Entrepreneur Complex
Opening Summer 2024 

Our new Indian Pueblo Entrepreneur Complex will enable us to achieve our mission in even greater ways. This multi-faceted community space will support Native, and non-Native, entrepreneurs in the food and agricultural industries. Our one-of-a-kind hub will have intentionally designed spaces, modern technologies and business resources to help entrepreneurs pursue and achieve economic self-sufficiency and stability. The first phase, a 7,500 square foot commercial kitchen will open this summer.

In 2024, our goal is to secure $2 million for a stand-alone cold storage facility, a garden design and buildout, access features to the buildings (such as a drive-up to the back of the commercial kitchen), and renovation of existing buildings to create office space and a business learning center.

Champion: $250,000 Plus
Supporter: $100,000 – $249,999
Maker: $50,000 – $99,999
Cultivator: $25,000 – $49,999
Donor: $10,000 – $24,999
Friend: $5000 – $9,999

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